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Banquet Policies

  1. Faculty Center Members will be billed to their membership account. For business and social events a pre-approved departmental account may be used
  1. The Faculty Center reserves the right to provide the most appropriate available room for each event and current room rate applies.
  1. Events held in the Faculty Center may not be advertised as open to the public. Press notices may mention the location but must say "By Invitation Only."
  1. A minimum number of fifty (50) guests at $35 per person required to reserve a private dining room for dinner on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday evening if no other events are booked.
  1. The Facutly Center will provide event space on the weekends with approved charges.
  1. Details for event, including but not limited to estimated number of guests, room setup, equipment needed, and menus must be submitted to the Faculty Center at minimum of two weeks prior to the event date. If this is not adhered to should the Faculty Center not be able to accomodate teh special requirements fo rthe event we will not be held liable.
Room and Staff Charges:

  1. Room rental fee applies to all reserved rooms.
  1. A guest surcharge of $1 per person will be added to all private events. For non-member / non-campus events, an additional 15% surcharge applies.
  1. $2500.00 in food and beverage is required to reserve any room. This does not apply to "Sequoia / California or Main Dining Room, and for a period not-to-exceed three hours.
  1. Patios, if reserved separately, are charged the same as room charge. If you reserve a room, the adjoining patio is incldued in your rental.
  1. Overtime charges will be incurred on functions lasting beyond our regular posted business hours, or beyond the agreed finish time.
  1. Individual room rental fees apply in addition to agreed minimum weekend rates.
Food, Liquor and Equipment:
  1. All food and beverages served in the building must be furnished by the Faculty Center. No food and beverage maybe brought in or takend out of the building.
  2. Any event with less than 35 guests will only have a choice of one main course including a "Chef's Choices" vegetarian main course. Any additional main courses may be provided with a minimum of 12 orders.
  1. A minimum of $250 is required for full service bars.
  1. All food and beverage items prepared by the Facutly Center and not consumed remain the property of the Faculty Center.
  1. The Faculty Center is not responsible for outside equipment. A handling fee will be charged for storage if available.
  1. For all weekend events, a minimum expenditure of $5000 is required. This will include food, beverage and equipment rental.
Guarantees, No Shows, and Cancellations:

  1. An estimated number of guests must be given at the time the reservation is made. A guaranteed number of guests must be confirmed five (5)  business days prior to the event. Any "last minute changes" will be based on availability.
  1. Cancellations must be made at least (30) thirty days prior to any event, or the full amount will be charged. No-shows will be handled the same as cancellations.
  1. In the event of the cancellation of a major event, ninety days' notice must be submitted in writing. A major function consists of rooms that can accomodate 35 or more people, any weekend event, or events involving 2 or more rooms.

        4.  Non-refundable deposits are required to confirm any reservation. Deposit amount is either the room rental or                     15% of the total estimated charges, whichever is greater.


  1. Parking arrangements must be made for all events with the campus parking office. Please call (310) 825-1286.
  2. Music or other types of entertainment must be agreed upon prior to your event
  3. No confetti of any type is allowed at the Faculty Center
  4. Policies, menus and prices are subject to change without notice. Please call for an updated list, or visit our website for updated Menus.
  5. Undergraduate student events may not be held at The Faculty Center.
  6. Tipping is not allowed or accepted at The Faculty Center.